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2020 Gardening Trends

2020 Gardening Trends

Is your garden looking tired at the end of 2019? Up the ante and spruce up your backyard with the latest and greatest in gardening check out our 2020 trend predictions...

Supersize your plants

It’s all about big, show-stopping greenery featuring deep green-patterned foliage.  Go for potted large plants that make a statement!  Check out our plants and flowers range.

 Dandy's Topsoil Supersize Plants

Sustainable soil that's good for your health

According to RHS, new findings have revealed that a soil bacteria known as mycobacterium vaccae is good for our immune systems, which could spark interest in mud pies this year!  Ingestion of mycobacterium vaccae is also shown to decrease anxiety-related behavior; 'Grow Your Own' and take advantage of this super bacteria!

Dandy's Topsoil Soil Health

At Dandy's we only source our topsoil from virgin green-field sites then leave the soil to fallow before shipping it out to home owners and market gardeners; this encourages the re-balancing of soil nutrients and re-establishing soil biota.  

Sustainability is also key, with gardeners expected to use environmentally-friendly materials such as FSC approved bark mulch and green waste compost such as our Multi-Purpose Compost.

 Dandys topsoil eco-friendly compost

Wildlife SOS

With over 2/5ths of animal species declining in Britain in the past 50 years as a result of habitat loss, we are losing our UK wildlife at an alarming rate. Help restore nature back to its glorious best by planting pollinator-friendly flowers and bring life into the garden.

Dandys Wildlife sos gardening

Pristine plants are no longer the all the rage - make place in your gardens for imperfect designs, such as plants that leave seedheads for insects, as well as a shopping from a wider selection of greenery. Look into bee hotels, wildlife ponds, log piles, plants for pollinators and compost heaps.  Our 'Bee Dandy' Wild Flower seed mix is ideal for welcoming in bees and butterflies to your garden.

Dandys Top Soil 'Bee Dandy' Wild Flower Seed


Plant-based Power

Veganism is here to stay and it’ll only become more popular.  With it's environmental and health benefits, more individuals and companies than ever are choosing to reduce the animal products they produce and consume.

Growing your own plant-based protein is an easy, eco-friendly choice - and it could be a fun and interesting hobby too! Try growing green leafy vegetables like kale and spinach with our VegeGrow Topsoil - pre-mixed organic topsoil that's ready to use. Unrefined grains like quinoa and amaranth are also good, along with super seeds like chia and flax and protein-packed nuts like hazelnuts and almonds.

If you grow your own food, you’ll do wonders for the environment and your health. Any produce you grow has zero air miles, no industrial pesticides, and is packed full of high-quality nutrients.

 Dandys VegeGrow Topsoil


Moody Blooms 

There’s something odd and fascinating about coming across a flower that appears to be an endless hue of black. Dark colours in your garden can actually give the illusion of more space, and their unique and rare colouring make them some of the most intriguing blooms in the garden.  Our Bordermix Topsoil is ideal for starting your borders, pots and planters from scratch.

The award-winning black tulip is a dazzling variety with fragrant dark purple flowers, almost flamed and edged in black.

Dandy's Topsoil Gardening Tips - Moody Blooms

The dark and dramatic Asiatic Lily with deep maroon petals fade to a beautiful, rich burgundy, makes a dramatic addition to summer borders or pots.

Dandy's Topsoil Gardening Tips - Moody Blooms

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