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Dandy DIY – Herby Soap

Dandy DIY – Herby Soap

Dandy DIY – Herby Soap

If you’ve got a herb patch thriving in your garden why not turn your hand to our cheats easy scented soaps?!

Take your herbs and dry them out – just trim the stems, wrap with a bit of twine and hang them up in a sunny, dry spot until they’ve dried out.

Remove the flowers/petals/leaves once dried out.

Take a bar of natural glycerine soap and melt in the microwave.

Mix in your herbs of choice and, if available, a drop or two of essential oil – this isn’t necessary it just gives you more of an oomph to your scent.

Pour the herby soap into whatever shape dish you want your soap to be – line the bowl with cling-film first so it’s easy to get out.

Pop your finished soap into the fridge until it’s set and then you’re good to go!


Our favourites……



Lemon and Mint (add in a squeeze of fresh lemon juice with your mint.

Rosemary and Thyme.


PRO TIP – you can do the same thing to make your own candles by melting down plain tea-lights and reserving the wicks.

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