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New in this week... add cobbles and pebbles to your garden with Dandy's

New in this week... add cobbles and pebbles to your garden with Dandy's

New in at Dandy's - our range of cobbles, pebbles, rockery and feature stones are perfect for adding a natural and unique finish to any feature of your garden. 

Check out our full range here.

Dandy's Cobbles and Feature Stones

For a striking finish add cobbles and pebbles to your borders, around paving or decking and to top off planters or raised beds.  Don't forget your anti-weed membrane underneath to save weeding - if you have plants and flowers in place simply cut an 'X' where your plants will be and slip the membrane over the top!  

Our White Marble Cobbles really well with sharp lines and simple plants for a contemporary look.

Dandy's White Cobbles 40 - 80mm

Set cobbles and pebbles into concrete to create a stunning garden path that will also edge your lawn or border.  

You can't have a water feature in your garden without adding a layer of cobbles and pebbles!  If you've gone super modern the naturally rounded stones will add a striking contrast and blend your feature into the rest of the garden.  Our Black Cobbles, Dove Grey Cobbles or Scottish Pebbles work best as they look especially beautiful when wet!

Dandy's Pebbles Water Feature


Create a contrast between areas of your garden by alternating cobbles and slate or gravel.  As cobbles tend to be too big as a base for a seating area or an area you walk on it's best to keep them as a surrounding feature.

Dandy's Cobbles and Slate




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