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Charge your Electric Car and Help The Homeless

Charge your Electric Car and Help The Homeless

Dandy’s Topsoil and Landscape Supplies Centre on Sealand Rd near Chester, is to install a bank of 3 phase electric car chargers for customers, including members of the public to use. 

Owner of the family business which was established in Chester in 1826, Adam Dandy said “We have a number of all-electric cars here at Dandys, which our sales team use, but we’ve noticed a severe lack of good, high powered charge points in and around Chester and North Wales, so to help other people and especially our customers get from A to B with little or no impact to the environment, we’ve decided to install a bank of four 3 phase electric vehicle chargers here at Dandy’s on Sealand Rd! I say electric vehicle rather than cars, as it’s clear to us that both vans and trucks will also become electrically powered over the next decade too, vehicles which many of our landscapers and suppliers will likely move to in the not too distant future, we see this as an investment which will benefit them also. The units will be up and running from August 1st and all we ask is that users make a small donation towards local charity, Share’s Buy a Brick Campaign, which is raising money to buy a house to use as a shelter for people who are currently homeless and sleeping rough in the City of Chester, the charity then aim to help the residents to find employment and move away from any addictions and their benefits, into full time paid employment and on in to a place of their own, something which we as a family business are already heavily involved in.”

Adam Dandy

“So for the first time, members of the public will be able to save the environment, whilst also helping people who are homeless to kick their addictions and find shelter and employment at the same time.”

Recently it was revealed that air quality in Chester had failed to meet guidelines set by the EU in a number of key locations, however the City has only got a very small number of electric car chargers in place, the hope is that these new 3 phase public chargers will make the journey possible for those wishing to visit the City of Chester and various locations across North Wales in their electric vehicles. 

Dandys goes plastic free

Dandy’s recently announced that it had become the first U.K. supplier of landscape and garden materials to begin moving away from plastic bags in favour of a biodegradable hessian sack instead, it was also later announced that this move would be extended to include a new deposit scheme on all of the bulk bags and pallets that the company uses to package its products in, in a serious and industry leading attempt to reduce the company’s impact upon the environment once and for all.

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