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Own a SuperTree!

Own a SuperTree!

Create your very own environmental SuperTree - as seen in Singapore's "SuperTree Grove", and now in Chester city centre.

Mini Supertrees are the perfect feature for bringing green to your workplace, club, venue or home.

They look stunning at night when the lights come on...

Dandy's SuperTree

....the evergreen creepers will give colour all year and are easy to maintain!

Dandy's SuperTree


These beautiful sculptures come with a clay pot, Dandy's Multi Purpose Compost, evergreen creepers and solar LED lights to make your own stunning garden feature and attract wildlife. 

 By purchasing a mini you're also supporting the Supertrees project in Chester City Centre as 25% of revenue from each Mini SuperTree will be used to fund additional plants in Chester City Centre. 

Approx measurements (inc pot) - 142cm as the highest point x 105cm wide.

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