UK weather forecast: Britain set for hottest February day on record this week!

UK weather forecast: "Britain set for hottest February day on record this week!"

With the weather taking a dramatic turn lots of us will be out in the garden this weekend and facing the results of a dull, wet winter - Get your garden ready for an early Spring...

Weed and Mulch

After a long dull winter your garden beds and borders may be looking a little sad, with a few new friends to boot!  We always suggest pulling weeds instead of using nasty chemicals that can affect the soil pH and the surrounding environment.

Mulching is the key to great borders and beautiful healthy spring plants and flowers.  Here's some we love...

Springmix Compost - if you make one purchase this week, make it our Springmix Compost!  This hearty mix of well rotted manure and rich organic compost blended with composted mulch bark fines is fantastic at breaking down clay soil and adding a tonne of nutrients - giving your borders and beds the best start to the season.

Composted Mulch Fines - perfect for borders with a clay soil and bad drainage. 

Multi Purpose Compost - lovely black compost that is ideal for sad soils with a sandy consistency, will rot down quicker though so may need topping up more regularly.



Landscaping Bark  - suppresses weeds, traps heat and gives a lovely tidy finish.

Mushroom Compost - great for veg plots as it's easy to work with and the pH will help improve your yield.

Play Bark - our Play Bark is more uniform so is very decorative, but it still has the same benefits are the Landscaping Bark.

 Dandy's Bark and Mulch


Early Spring Vegetables

Now is the time to direct sow any early spring vegetables - our VegeGrow Topsoil is perfect if your starting from scratch or mix in some of our mushroom compost or multi purpose compost to give existing soil some life.

Cool weather veggies like lettuce, cabbage, radishes and scallions will germinate at this time as the soil is slightly cooler.

Dandy's VegeGrow Topsoil


Remove any dead branches from shrubs, trees and perennial foliage after new growth has begun. Prune the spring bloomers, like forsythia and rhododendrons, as needed soon after flowering is complete. Pruning is the key for new growth and to help prevent insect & decay organisms from entering the plants, trees and flowers.

Topdress your lawn

March is the perfect time to topdress an existing lawn to encourage new and healthy growth. Use our Dandy's Topdressing Sand and Soil mix to add light material to the surface of the lawn before re-seeding and feeding. Topdressing has a number of benefits including controlling thatch, drainage, and smoothing the lawn surface.

Dandy's Topdressing Soil and Sand

Use Dandy's Hardwearing Grass Seed to over-seed bare patches and for general lawn feeding brush the topdressing over your grass at a depth of 1-2mm.  We find a garden brush is perfect for this.  Make sure you have raked the lawn first to break up the surface and remove any moss, leaves and weeds.


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