Organic Topsoil & Compost

Your Garden deserves Dandys.

Established in 1826, our family business has been working with quality topsoil and compost, whether it be growing, blending, testing or selling, we've perfected the very best organic soils, not only are Dandy’s Topsoil the oldest soil suppliers in the UK, we were the first top soil supplier to sell online and introduce our ‘Plant & Grow’ Range of premixed top soils, ready to give you the very best growing results possible!


In time for Spring 2021, Dandys have launched their range of blended soils and composts. After years of development all soils and blended composts are now PULVERISED & SCREENED, obliterating the soil and compost to it's absolute finest form, giving Dandy's customers the finest topsoil and compost possible, another first for UK Soil Suppliers, as Dandys continues to lead the way in the Marketplace.

Whether it’s our NEW & IMPROVED Organic Lawnmix, Bordermix, VegeGrow or our bespoke TreeMix blends, whatever you are growing from Turf, Grass Seed, Plants, Vegetables or Trees, Dandy's Soil Range has the perfect peat free growing medium for you.

Questions? Please call us on 01244 280008, check out FAQs or email us at or check out our Topsoil Guide.


25 products found in Organic Topsoil & Compost

Dandy's Multi Purpose Topsoil
  • From £79.99
Dandy's Organic Lawnmix® Topsoil for Garden Lawns
  • From £79.99
Dandy's Organic VegeGrow® Topsoil for vegetables
  • From £79.99
Dandy's Organic Bordermix® Topsoil for plants and flowers
  • From £79.99
Dandy's TreeMix Soil for planting trees
  • From £99.99
Multi Purpose Peat Free Compost
  • From £79.99
Dandy's Springmix Compost
  • From £79.99
Dandy's Peat Free Potting Compost
  • From £79.99
Organic Farmyard Manure / Mushroom Compost
  • From £79.99
Composted Mulch Fines
  • From £79.99
Dandy’s ProGrow Multi Purpose Top Soil - Our ultimate enriched Topsoil
  • From £94.95
Dandy's Soil Improver
  • From £99.99


Dandy's Wintermix Compost
  • £79.95
  • From £69.95
'Lawn in a Bag' Soil and Seed mix
  • £179.95
Topdressing Sand & Soil Mix
  • From £155.95
Add-on Ericaceous Compost 50ltr small bags £4.50
  • £4.50
Dandy's Summermix Compost
  • From £79.99
Ericaceous Compost - 50ltr small bags
  • From £56.90
Dandy's Urban Tree Planting Soil
  • From £84.95
Dandy's Root-Zone Sand / Soil Mix
  • From £69.95
Dandy's TurfSand Mix
  • From £69.95
John Innes no.3 Compost - 20ltr small bags
  • From £74.95
John Innes no.2 Compost - 20ltr small bags
  • From £69.95
'Click & Collect' Topdressing, 3 x 25kg bags
  • £12.00
'Click & Collect' 4 x Topsoil handy bags
  • £10.00