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Hello Spring!

Spring is just around the corner...

Spring is the perfect time to get your hands dirty and start gardening. From March to May, the weather is ideal for planting and nurturing your garden. Here are some expert tips to help you make the most of your Spring gardening:


Clear up Beds and Borders

We're all guilty of neglecting our beds and borders during the winter months and clearing them up feels like a massive task.  A quick clear up of any old leaves and twigs and a mini prune of dormant shrubs or plants will soon have them looking tidy and workable again.  This also gives them a head start on the growing season and a clean slate for you to work with.


Give your Soil a Boost

Add a rook of our Dandy's Springmix Compost into your topsoil, or use as a mulch over the top of your beds and borders, for a much needed boost of nutrients!  During the growing seasons plants and flowers will exhaust your soil - adding a rich compost when Spring hits will give your existing plants everything they need to grow big and healthy.
Weed and Mulch Your Borders
This goes hand in hand with a good clear up but it massively essential for an easy, low maintenance garden, whilst also providing your plants and flowers a loving and happy environment to thrive.  Once you have removed weeds and added your compost now is the perfect time to add a mulch. Our range of Bark Mulches are an ideal mulch for tidying up your borders and veggie plots whilst also continuing to break down and add more nutrients back to the soil -  Win, Win!

Topdress and Seed Your Lawn

March is the ideal time to topdress an existing lawn.  Topdressing has a number of benefits including controlling thatch, drainage, and smoothing the lawn surface - all in great time for a lovely lush Spring lawn.  
Use our Dandy's Topdressing Sand and Soil mix to add light material to the surface of the lawn before re-seeding and feeding. Brush over your grass at a depth of 1-2mm ready for re-seeding and feeding.

Plant Summer Bulbs and Spring Veggies

Now is a great time to get your Summer bulbs planted out and sow some early Spring veggies, such as lettuce, that don't mid the cooler weather.  Looking for a new veg plot or topping up an existing one?  Our VegeGrow Topsoil contains everything you need to plant straight into.
Dandy's VegeGrow Topsoil
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