Bark & Mulch

Established in 1826 Dandy's is the oldest supplier of garden bark and landscape supplies in the country, and in the early naughties became the 1st to begin selling bark and woodchip online in the UK.

Whether it’s play area bark, garden bark chippings, bark fines or wood chip, Dandy's can supply you in our huge jumbo bulk bags, tipped loose or small bags with low cost or often free delivery nationwide. 

All of Dandy’s wood products inc Dandy’s bark is sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved woodlands, which are renewed following harvest.

Questions? Please call us on 01244 280008, check out FAQs or email us at

17 products found in Bark & Mulch

Landscaping Garden Bark Mulch
  • From £83.95
Chicken Coop Chips
  • From £104.95
Winter Garden Bark Mulch
  • From £99.17
Dandy's Wintermix Compost
  • From £83.95
Hardwood Path Chips
  • From £104.95
Dandy's PlaySafe Play Bark
  • From £136.45
Dandy's Premium Border Bark
  • From £136.45
Composted Mulch Fines
  • From £88.19
Hardwood Play Chips
  • From £94.45


Multi Purpose Peat Free Compost
  • £83.99
  • From £67.19
Spent Mushroom Compost
  • From £83.99
Dandy's Soil Improver
  • From £104.99
Dandy's Summermix Compost
  • From £83.99
Dandy's Springmix Compost
  • From £83.99
Dandy's Anti-Weed Membrane (ADD-ON ITEM ONLY)
  • From £11.52
Add-on Extra Fix Plastic Fixing Pegs - pack of 10
  • £3.63
Dandy's Anti-Weed Membrane
  • From £22.00