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Moley Moley Moley…

Moley Moley Moley…

We’ve got a couple of effective ways to keep moles off your lawn or veg patch or wherever you have the (arguably) cute little critters popping up…

First up is the mole trench. You need to surround the area you want to protect with a barrier, ideally about a foot wide and 2 feet deep. Dig the trench, fill it with gravel, then cover it back over – this is an ideal method for protecting your lawn if you have a border edging it – just dig two and a half feet down, and the top 6 inches use a compost rich soil blend, put a membrane fabric over the top, cut crosses for your plants, pop them in and away you go – finish off with a sprinkling of gravel or bark and you’re all done. This method is also great for edging your veggie plots, allotments and the like.

If you’ve already got a mole who has taken up residence you can trap him Wile. E. Coyote style with a pit trap. Dig into your little friend’s tunnel and sink a big jar or similar into the bottom of it. Pop a plank over your entry hole to keep everything dark and mole eye friendly   - check on your trap every now and then; eventually your velvety little pal will come nifflering along and fall in to your carefully laid trap. Pull your jar up (best not to handle the mole if at all possible) and release the mole into the wild.

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