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Winter gardening...

Winter gardening...

Some of us are guilty of neglecting our gardens during the cold winter months, but now is actually a great time to tend to your outside space and prep for the spring!  Year round maintenance is the key to having that dream garden with minimal effort.

Add some colour...

Winter loving flowers and plants such as violas, pansies and winter heathers will add a splash of colour to your garden! Just because it's bleak outside it doesn't mean some plants and flowers won't thrive.  Our Bordermix Topsoil is perfect to start you off.

Avoid the mud and add some gravel or slate to walkways, seating areas and driveways.  This will instantly transform any area and last for years to come!  Don't forget to add some anti-weed membrane, ready for spring.

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Show your borders some love...

Get ready for frosts and protect less hardy plants and veggies with a layer of bark or mulch.  This is perfect for keeping the ground warm and the roots protected.

We love:

Hardwood Chips

Play Bark

Landscaping Bark

Mushroom Compost

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Smarten up your borders and prevent rotting over winter - cut back dead plants, foliage and prune thin branches.  Tidy up dead leaves and make a compost bin/pile; these will rot down over the winter and you can add them to your borders and beds come spring or summer!

compost pile

Before adding your bark or mulch dig some of our Wintermix Compost into your borders. This fertile mix of organic compost, well rotted horse and chicken manure and composted bark fines will keep those borders and beds topped full of nutrients and improve the structure and drainage during wet and chilly times - with the added bonus of getting your soil ready for spring planting.


Look after our furry friends...

Garden birds need our help throughout winter so put out a little food and water each day for Mr Robin and friends.  

Get rid of your used Christmas Tree around the garden.  Prop up your old tree near your bird feeder as a staging area for small birds, such as sparrows and finches. Create a bird feeder and haven. String your tree with orange slices, cranberries, homemade suet and other bird-friendly goodies, and put it in a sheltered location.

Don't forget to look out for Hedgehogs in your garden, especially if the weather has been mild as they may be late going into hibernation.
Often raking up leaves can unearth a hoggie home so make them a quiet, undisturbed home in a corner of your garden using a pile of leaves or some of our Landscaping Bark and a wooden box.
Leave out some water in a shallow dish with stones in, they also love meat based cat or dog food too if you have some spare.

Hedgehog house

Christmas trees are popular form of enrichment in zoos and animal sanctuaries!  Contact your nearest to see if they're accepting donations. 

Did you know?  Elephants can eat up 5 large Christmas Trees in just one sitting!



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