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Transform your Pallet into a raised bed or wall planter!

Transform your Pallet into a raised bed or wall planter!

Check out these amazing pallet planter and raised bed ideas...

Use an old pallet to make your own Herb, Veg or Flower Garden!

You will need...

  • 1 x pallet
  • 1 x anti-weed membrane (or cut up your empty bulk bag)
  • staple gun
  • 25kg bag of compost or topsoil
  • Black paint & chalk
  • Herbs, Veg Seed or Flowers

Step 1 - Stand your pallet upright in it's final place.
Step 2 - Use a staple gun to secure anti-weed membrane/bulk bag in-between the slats, creating a trough for your compost.
Step 3 - Paint or decorative your pallet
Step 4 - Fill troughs with compost.
Step 5 - Add your plants, flowers, herbs or veg seed!





Make a flat veg bed by laying the pallet down... perfect for lettuce!


Transform a Pallet into a Raised Bed!

You will need...

  • 1 x pallet (with 12 to 14 slats if possible)
  • 1 x hammer
  • some nails
  • saw
  • crowbar / lever to brake the pallet apart

Step 1 - Using a crowbar or some kind of lever pull up the long pieces of wood from the pallet.  You may need to remove the nails.
Step 2 - Continue until all pieces are separate. 
Step 3 - Using a saw cut pieces of wood the same size as the depth of 2 or 3 pieces of wood.
Step 4 - Fix your long pieces these together by nailing a couple of smaller pieces vertically along the back (make sure you leave around 100mm each end).
Step 5 - Use the blocks from the supports to create the corner supports.  Nail them in from each side
Step 6 - Once all 4 sides are nailed together you can simply move into place and fill with Topsoil or Compost!



 Dandy's Pallet Raised Bed


What this handy video for more information...  

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