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We're going plastic bag free!

We're going plastic bag free!

Dandy's are to become the first supplier of landscape supplies in the UK to move away from plastic bags to package our small bags of topsoil, compost, bark, sand and decorative aggregates.

Owner Adam Dandy said: “Like many, I’ve watched the amazing Blue Planet series this year, I’ve seen the unbelievable devastation that plastic causes to the environment and I’ve thought to myself, well there’s nothing really I can do about it.

“I thought it would cost too much to change all our processes, we’d lose our coloured branding, print quality and pictures and we’d need new machinery to pack and seal a different material.

"But I was wrong, if we all think like that then our wildlife and our planet will continue to suffer, that’s why today I am going to put my neck on the line and make a pledge that starting this month Dandy’s will become the first supplier of bagged landscape supplies in the UK to start switching from plastic bags to biodegradable hessian sacks instead.

"They may not be as pleasing to the eye, but our family business is no longer prepared to be part of the problem, it’s time we all put our environment first where plastic is concerned. All we ask is that you might consider supporting us by buying a bag or two when you next need some quality soil, compost, gravel, bark etc."


To find out more get in touch on 01244 280008.


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