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Up to 52% OFF Small Bag Options - Hurry!
Up to 52% OFF Small Bag Options!

Rock Salt and Grit Bins

Stay safe when it's icy by keeping your stocks of Rock Salt ready to get spreading once the snow and freezing temperatures head our way.  

We keep three types of rock salt and road grit in stock year round and we've got plenty of snow shovels too so we've got you covered.
All of our de-icing salt is available in bulk loose loads (give us a bell on that one) bulk bags or small bags so whether you are keeping it handy for your own driveway or car park, or you want to start selling and spreading salt yourself, we can help!

  • Snow Shovel and Rock Salt pack | Dandys
    Sold out
    Original Price £34.60 - Original Price £36.70
    Original Price
    £34.60 - £36.70
    £34.60 - £36.70
    Sale Price £34.60

    Snow Shovel and Rock Salt pack

    This is a little rock salt kit made up of one bag of rock salt and one snow shovel. The kit includes a bag of either White Rock Salt, Brown Rock Sa...

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