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Quantity Calculators

Here at Dandy's we often get asked to help work out quantities needed for topsoil, bark, and gravel.

Here are some quantity calculators to give you a helping hand, please note though these are just estimates and of course may not be exact - we advise you to under order so that you can always order more if you need to!

Garden Lawn Turf

Length (m) X Width (m) = amount of rolls needed.  We advise that you order 10% extra so that you have plenty for offcuts.


Use the Gravel Calculator then multiply by 1.25 (= tonnes per inch)

Natural Stone Paving

Length (m) X Width (m) = m2 you need.  Our packs are 15.25m2.


Gravel and Slate: 

Bark, Mulch and Compost: