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Foodbank at Dandys

 Foodbank at Dandys

Welcome to The Foodbank at Dandys, part of Flintshire Foodbank.

Relax, we know that the thought of going to a Foodbank can be stressful, but don't worry about coming in, we're a friendly team and we've got your back!

We are here to help you, we are easily accessible by car, bus or on foot along Sealand Rd. We are located just 1 mile from Blacon and 1 mile from the Sealand Manor Estate, we are basically a Garden Centre / Builders Merchant so it's a relaxed and friendly setting.

Dion Dublin helping at Dandy’s Foodbank

Dandy’s Brand Ambassador Dion Dublin helping at Dandy’s Foodbank on Sealand Rd, Chester, CH1 6BS.


Opening hours and days for collecting food:

  • Friday 3pm - 5pm

How to get emergency food

If you're struggling to feed yourself and or your family, we understand that you're probably going through a lot of stress and mixed emotions, so we want to make the process of accessing food for you and your family as simple and as stress free as we possibly can for you, so here's 3 really simple steps for you to follow:

  • Pick up a Foodbank Code, available from any local authority, Citizen's Advice, a doctors surgery, social services, Police, Homeless or housing charity etc.
  • Bring your Foodbank Code to The Foodbank at Dandys, Dandys Landscape Supplies Centre, Sealand Rd, Chester, CH1 6BS, Flintshire, North Wales.
  • Walk into our main shop and simply let us know your Foodbank Code at the counter, we will quickly and without any questions or judgment provide you with a box of free food to keep you and your loved ones going for a few days. If you need any extra items of toiletries or pet food please let us know. As well as food, if you need any essential toiletries and or warm clothing, please let us know as we may be able to help with these items too via our friends at Share.

The Foodbank at Dandys

How to donate to The Foodbank at Dandys

To support The Foodbank at Dandys you are welcome to drop off long lasting foods directly at our Foodbank on Sealand Rd (CH1 6BS) we are ideally looking for cereals, tinned foods with a long shelf life, dried foods, pasta, toiletries etc... or you can donate to our Justgiving page here where 100% of the money raised will be used to buy food for people in need, all our overheads will be covered by Dandys:

Contact us

Address: The Foodbank at Dandys, Dandy's Landscape Supplies Centre, Sealand Rd, Chester, CH1 6BS, Flintshire, North Wales, UK.

Telephone: 01244 280008


Twitter: @dandystopsoil

Part of Flintshire Foodbank