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Awesome August Gardening...

Awesome August Gardening...

Enjoy your August in the garden with our recommended gardening tips and products...


Grow Veg...

This is the time to get those winter veggies sorted. Sow seeds, plant out seedlings and bulbs now as your vegetables will be too small to survive the winter if planted in September. 

Some vegetables to consider:

Broad beans
Peas and pea shoots
Onions, spring onions and shallots
Winter lettuce


Dandy's Vegegrow Topsoil


Use our VegeGrow Topsoil, Multi Purpose Compost or Horse and Chicken Manure (Mushroom Compost) to top up your veg plot before planting.


Mulch, mulch, mulch...

Protect your borders from the hot August weather with our range of mulches and barks.  Much is essential for healthy borders as it helps to retain moisture, adds nutrients as it rots down, deters weeds and keeps your garden looking tidy!

Simply give your borders a good water then pop a 2 to 3 inch layer of mulch around your existing plants, flowers and vegetables.  The mulch will do the hard work so you can go on holiday or put your feet up and enjoy your garden!


Our top Mulches:

Horse and Chicken Manure (Mushroom Compost)

Landscaping Bark

Summermix Compost

Composted Bark Mulch Fines

Multi Purpose Compost

Check out our full range HERE


Entertain the children...

Now that the children are on their school summer holidays you'll want to keep them busy!  


Dandy's Play Sand

A play sand pit will offer hours of fun for the little ones and putting in a trampoline wouldn't be complete without some Play Area Bark to cushion their landing should they take a tumble.  Maybe a messy mud kitchen would be more up their street?!

You can create lots of exciting children's play areas with a little imagination and some products from Dandy's... Check out these ideas.


Play Sand Boat

Play Bark Hop Scotch


Outdoors dining...

Make the most of the last bit of summer with some alfresco dining in the evenings!

Even despite our lovely, unpredictable British weather we are a nation embracing the Mediterranean lifestyle.  Outdoor entertaining is key for Summer 2019 – perfect if you lack space in your kitchens or dining room, as you can move entertaining friends and family outside.  Create a dedicated area with paving or gravel ready for furniture and a barbecue.  Our stunning range of natural stone paving is the perfect investment into alfresco living.  If you are on a tighter budget check out our gravel and slate range!


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