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Do you Mulch much?

Dandy's Bark Mulch

If you need help with mulching and the types of mulch to use then look no further... Dandy's have a wide range of mulches for every type of garden!

Firstly... what is mulch?

Mulch is material (preferably compostable and organic) that is applied to the surface of garden soil in a thick layer. 

Why should I mulch?

The basic purpose of mulch is to improve the soil structure, add nutrients, control moisture, suppress weeds and improve appearance of borders and beds.  Here at Dandy's we think it's an integral part of any garden!

What types of mulch are there?

Types of mulch include bark and wood chip, compost, manure, grass and leaf cuttings, gravel and pebbles, straw and hay.


When should I mulch my garden?

Mulching your garden is important all year round but especially before extreme heat and cold weather, so February/March and September - November is ideal.  A layer of mulch will look after plant and veg roots during cold snaps and break down slowly over time, releasing much needed nutrients and therefore improving the soil structure ready for Spring planting.  If using over the hotter Spring and Summer months this will greatly improve the moisture content of your borders, meaning you won't need to water your plants as much!

If you regularly top up your mulch through the year now is a good time to refresh it and dig the existing into the soil to ensure you are getting the best benefits, before topping up ready for the Winter.


What type of mulch should I be using?

Dandy's love...

Composted Mulch Fines - perfect for borders with a clay soil and bad drainage.

Dandy's Composted Mulch Fines  

Landscaping Bark  - suppresses weeds, traps heat and gives a tidy finish.

Dandy's Landscaping Bark

Mushroom Compost - great for veg plots as it's easy to work with and the pH will help improve your yield.

Premium Border Bark - our Premium Border Bark is more uniform so is very decorative, but it still has the same benefits are the Landscaping Bark.

Dandy's Premium Bark

Multi Purpose Compost - lovely black compost that is ideal for sad soils with a sandy consistency, will rot down quicker though so may need topping up more regularly.




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