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Keep those empty plastic bottles handy...

Keep those empty plastic bottles handy...

Milk Container Herb Garden

Convert your old milk containers into a handy and attractive indoor herb garden!

    1. Firstly give your milk bottles a good clean and remove the label.
    2. Start by cutting off the top and cut out the handle. 
    3. At the back make a slit each side and pop a piece of wood or dowel through as your support.
    4. Make yourself some attractive name signs and pop your herbs in!  You can either plant straight in using some of our VegeGrow Topsoil or transfer the pots if you've bought pre potted herbs.

      Milk Bottle Herb Garden


      Garden Cloches

      Protect your seedlings and young plants from cold British temperatures by making an easy cloche or mini greenhouse! 
      1. Make sure you give your bottle a good clean.
      2. Carefully cut the bottom off your plastic bottle and cover the plant with it (keep the cap).
      3. During daylight, remove the bottle cap to avoid over-heating inside the bottle as this might kill your plant.  Pop the cap back on during cold nights.

      Garden Bottle Cloches

      Easy Drip Irrigation System

      Create an effective drip irrigation system using an up-turned plastic drinking bottle to prevent dehydration of your plants and borders. 

      This is perfect for a low maintenance garden and allows you to go on holiday without worrying about watering your plants!

        1. As always give your bottle a good rinse out first.
        2. Carefully create 4-5 small holes in the base and sides of your used plastic bottle using a drill, scissors or sharp pen.
        3. Dig a hole deep enough next to the plants or group of plants to place the bottle.
        4. Bury the bottle (mouth end up) so that it is covered about 2 thirds of the way up.
        5. As soon as the bottle is placed, pour water inside the mouth.  To keep dirt out you can replace the cap.
        Drip irrigation


            DIY Sprinkler

            Don't spend money on a fancy sprinkler system when you can do it for free!  This bottle sprinkler is just as effective and you can make it using items you may have lying around.

            Simply make some small holes all around 3/4 of your used bottle (you don't need any on the bottom).  Then pop your hose end in and secure using heavy duty waterproof tape such as duct tape or electric tape. 

            DIY Sprinkler System



            Bottle Planters

            Convert a bare garden wall into a beautiful planter with an old pallet and some empty used pop bottles!

            1. Clean out your bottles and cut a space along one side big enough to pop your plants and flowers in.
            2. Give the whole bottle (keeping the cap on) a lick of paint in your favourite colour.
            3. Once dry attach the bottles to a grid or rest inside the pallet slats as shown below.
            4. Fill with our Multi Purpose Topsoil and plant your flowers/plants.
            5. Attach your completed pallet to a wall using heavy duty screws and fixings or simply prop up against a wall or fence.

            DIY pallet and bottle wall


            Here's another version - cut the bottles in half and attach vertically.

            Bottle and Pallet Wall


            Don't forget about the caps

            If you are not using your used bottle caps or lids in any of the above hacks you can create a fun garden path - this would be perfect for a children's area!

            Bottle Cap Path

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