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How to Lay Turf...

How to Lay Turf...

Follow our handy 'How To' Guide for laying and looking after your turf. Maintain a beautiful new lawn with Dandy's.  Order online or call us 01244 280008.

Laying Guide

When. Spring and Autumn is the best time for laying turf as there is an ideal balance of sun and rain. However, you can lay turf all year round as long as there is not a ground frost or a draught.

Measure up. Length (m) X Width (m) = amount of m2 rolls needed. We advise that you order 10% extra so that you have plenty for offcuts.

Plan ahead. Prepare the ground a day or two before you collect or have your turf delivered. Rake the soil to a fine tilth and remove any stones. If you need topsoil we advise using our Lawnmix Topsoil which is specifically designed with lying turf in mind. Add 2 inches of Lawnmix on bare ground and rake out to a nice, level surface.

Get started. Start laying your new turf rolls along a straight border. Working from the borders will be much easier if you have a square or rectangular garden - if you have a circular garden, work from the middle.

Like brickwork. When you have laid the first roll lay the next roll until you finish the entire row. There should be no gaps between the edges of the rolls; turf may dry out and shrink in warm weather so we advise to make the join as tight as possible! The rolls should be laid in the brickwork design. Cut excess turf with a sharp knife, slightly under cut to allow for shrinkage.

Dandys Lawn Turf

Be gentle. Handle the rolls with care and when the turf is laid press it gently to ensure it touches the soil but not too much to force it. We suggest using a large flat board to kneel on during the laying. Water your new lawn as soon as you are done and voila!

Turf Care

Lay your turf within 2 hours of receiving it - or roll it out straight away and lay within 6 hours.

Keep it well watered. Usually twice a day for the first week or so; once in the morning and once in the evening. You can then reduce this to two or three times a week for the following fortnight. If it has then started to root in sufficiently you can drop to once a week or so (weather dependant).

Report any problems straight away. Turf is a living product and although we supply quality grass that is cut fresh daily, there is always a small chance that individual rolls may have suffered during the cutting process.

Don't mow your lawn until it is properly rooted in, usually around three to four weeks (two to three in hotter weather and if well watered). To check if it's rooted in pull back a corner of turf - you won't be able to without some real force and if you do manage it you'll feel the roots tearing.

Weeds and Mushrooms. Mushrooms love dark, humid areas and the gap between your new turf and the topsoil is perfect for them to thrive. Once your lawn in established enough to be cut you can see them off with your lawnmower. Weeds are a fact of life and if you've got good topsoil and quality turf then you may find some weeds popping up here and there.



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