How to Make a Herb Garden

Even something as simple as an omelette can be transformed with a handful of home-grown chives and nothing tastes better than your own pasta sauce made from home-grown tomatoes and fresh basil grown in your own garden or window box!

The best place to site your new herb patch is the sunniest spot in the garden; because they’re so easy to grow you can plant into a border, baskets, tubs, window boxes or just in small pots on your windowsill.

You’ll want a neutral soil which drains well – our Multi-Purpose Topsoil or Vegegrow will fit the bill nicely if you need new soil for your herb garden.

The easiest thing to do is to grab some small herb plants from your local garden centre or supermarket and just pop them into your chosen area – you’re basically done! Most herbs will do well in pots or containers (just remember to keep them well watered as they’re more likely to dry out quicker in this case).

If you want to sow your own from seed, then you’ll need a seed tray – just pop the seeds into compost in the tray and cover over with some loose cling-film.

Keep the compost moist and pop the tray on a sunny windowsill until the seeds germinate. Once your seedlings are big enough just pop them out into your herb patch or box.

There’s a huge range of herbs to go for; some of the easiest to grow and most common are chives, basil, lavender, thyme, sage, parsley, and rosemary.

Mint is very easy to grow but difficult to maintain so either give it its own pot or container or, if you want it in your border or patch, plant it into a pot and then bury the pot in the border – this way you can be sure it won’t creep its way into your lawn or the next border!


So that’s it really – all you need to make a herb garden is…

  • Herb plants
  • Free draining, neutral topsoil and compost blend
  • Somewhere sunny to house a herb patch or containers

And all you need to do it is…

  • Top up or replace tired soil with the new organic topsoil and compost blend
  • Pop your plants in and keep well-watered.

Job done!