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Dandy’s Topsoil invest in unique Soil Processor

Dandy’s Topsoil invest in unique Soil Processor

Britain’s oldest topsoil supplier Dandy’s Topsoil & Landscape Supplies, based in Chester has been working with Agg Pro based in Tamworth in the West Midlands, to develop the largest and most productive soil & compost processing machine to date. 
Dandy’s specially designed McCloskey R230

The giant McCloskey R230 Scalper with a unique screen box design, specifically built for Dandys, breaks up and processes balls of topsoil and clumps of organic compost much finer than ever before, whilst at the same time prevents the soil and compost from clogging up the screens with a built in secondary giant deck full of balls beneath, these specially designed balls bounce and vibrate keeping the machine clean and unclogged, allowing the British Built machine to maximise its output of quality natural topsoil or compost processed by Dandys per hour, reducing the company’s carbon footprint yet further with the very latest and most fuel efficient CAT engine. 
Latest CAT Fuel efficient engine

Dandy’s Sales Manager Jordan Walker commented “This brand new, uniquely designed Soil Processing Plant, demonstrates our passion at for creating the absolute best natural topsoil and compost available anywhere today. This significant investment reinforces our position as Market Leaders within the Sector as we approach our 200th birthday, we continue on our mission to provide our customers with the very best growing media for their gardens.”

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