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Roman Coin Unearthed in Dandy's Topsoil!

Roman Coin Unearthed in Dandy's Topsoil!

Roman gold coin discovered in topsoil delivery!
A customer who had ordered 6 tonnes of quality topsoil from Dandy's Topsoil on Sealand Rd was stunned to discover the coin whilst laying his new garden last weekend.
Mr Butler from Westminister Park in Chester commented "I had been in the garden raking and levelling the soil delivered by Dandy's when my wife brought me a cup of tea and we sat down together, she saw it before I did, it was glistening in the sunlight half buried still in soil, she screamed so loud I thought someone had died!"

Gerard and his wife Anne then carefully unearthed the coin in its entirety and decided to drive to the Grosvenor Museum in Chester, where it was confirmed that the coin was indeed of Roman origin and one of just a few of its kind discovered in the UK.

A spokesman for the Museum told us "One of the ways that the Roman Empire survives today is when people dig up Roman artefacts... Roman coins mark one of the first currencies to be accepted throughout an entire continent, and today, many coins can fetch quite a hefty price. It's such a shame that some Roman treasures lie buried or built on top of, never to be seen by our generation, Roman Gold coins often featured the visages of Roman emperors, immortalizing leaders from Caesar to Nero, this is a unique find and we would love to display the coin here in the historic Roman city of Deva."

When asked what they would do, the Butlers said "We have decided to sell our new found discovery to the Museum, as we feel that the city seemed to be lacking in recent Roman discoveries, for some reason, and we will be spending the money on a family holiday to Barbados, after we've finished the rest of the garden!"

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