Sandbags and Flood Prevention

Keep your home or business safe from flooding with our range of Sandbags and Flood Prevention Bulk Bags. 

Our Flood Bags come in either Hessian filled sacks or Polypropylene Woven 20kg Bags. Choose from 10, 20 or 40 on a pallet. Our Giant Flood Sandbags are ideal for large or extreme areas of flooding.  Build a bulk bag barrier quickly using a forklift - simply lift the bulk bags using the attached hooks and put in place to create an instant flood defense.

Ideal for flood control for home owners or businesses.

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Filled Hessian Flood Sandbags
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Filled Flood Sandbags
  • From £89.20
Giant Flood Sandbags
  • From £49.95
Sandbags (plastic sealed bags)
  • From £79.95