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London Topsoil

Central London and Local Boroughs Topsoil Delivery from Dandy's.
Looking for Topsoil Near Me? Not many people are aware that even though our HQ is based in North Wales, near Chester, we deliver Nationwide - that's right the whole of the UK (give or take a few very remote places)!  
Dandy's London Topsoil
London is one of our most popular places to deliver to as the local topsoil tends to be lacklustre and void of nutrients.  Our finely screened sandy loam soil comes from very fertile green fields sites around North Wales and the North West - making our topsoil one of the most popular in the UK.  We never use recycled soil from skip waste or vegetable washings in our blends; this soil needs constantly replenishing with green and black compost in order to grow anything at all.  So you may buy cheap soil locally but you will end up paying twice! 
London Soil from Dandys
Dandy's pride ourselves on our quality topsoil blends, fast delivery and great customer service and product knowledge.  If you wish to place an order and need a little help please give us a call on 01244 280008. 
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