Whether you're after a quick tidy up or a complete garden makeover Dandy's have everything you need for a Budget or Splurge!


Welsh Brown Vs Rose Quartz Gravel

Transform your garden for under £100 with our Welsh Brown Gravel 20mm - Jumbo 1 tonne Bulk Bag only £94.31.

Add a touch of glam with our Rose Quartz - Bulk Bag £152.35.

Welsh Brown Vs Rose Quartz


Real Lawn Turf Vs Artificial Turf

There's nothing more rewarding than a perfectly mowed fresh lush lawn...  unless you hate mowing and then good news as we also stock Artificial Turf too!   Artificial Turf is a long term investment with low effort and maintenance, but laying a new living lawn is a cost effective way of completely transforming your garden...

Dandy's Real Lawn Turf from only £3.43 per square metre (based on 50m2).

Artificial Turf from only £19.62 per square metre (based on 20m2 of "Summer").

Dandy's Real Turf Vs Artificial


Gravel and Paving for seating

Transform your garden into an outside eating or entertaining space with additional seating.  Our beautiful range of Natural Stone Paving is fast becoming one of our most popular, with sets in either square or circle packs and 6 stunning colours to chose from.

If budget is a little tighter you can create a beautiful area quickly and easily with our Welsh Slate 20mm - only £100.80 for a Jumbo 1 tonne Bulk Bag.  Don't forget your Anti-weed membrane (from only £9.95 when you buy it with a bulk bag!).

 Dandy's Paving Vs Gravel seating area


Multi-Purpose Topsoil Vs Dandy's Bordermix Topsoil

Just because it's cheaper doesn't mean it's lacking in quality!  Our Multi-Purpose Topsoil is slightly cheaper but can be used for an array of gardening uses, such as turfing, planting, potting and veggie growing... and only £76.36 for a Jumbo 1 tonne Bulk Bag.

If you're after something a little more specific our best selling Bordermix Topsoil is blended with organic horse and chicken manure and organic compost, making it perfect for growing beautiful flowers!  £80.13 will get you a Jumbo 1 tonne Bulk Bag.

Dandy's Multi Purpose Topsoil and Bordermix Topsoil


All prices may be subject to delivery charge.