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Tips for small area gardening...

Tips for small area gardening...

Size isn't everything!  Maximise your small garden with our helpful gardening tips.

UK gardens are becoming increasingly smaller, but that doesn't mean you can't have the garden of your dreams, with a minimal budget too!


1. Build a 'living wall'...

Smaller gardens can still be effective in attracting wildlife, but less green spaces makes it more difficult to support the likes of butterflies, birds and bees, which are in decline.  A living wall, although complex to build initially, can provide a lush green habitat, save space and hide unsightly concrete or brick walls.  Opt for bright flowering species or vibrant lush green cascading plants for added depth! You can also use old pallets to start you off.

Pallet Wall

Living Wall


Include built-in seating in a corner to keep your garden from feeling crowded.  Up-cycle wooden pallets for a cost effective seating area and enjoy the view of the rest of your garden.  Get in touch with us on 01244 280008 if you are interested in purchasing pallets from us!

Wooden Pallet Seating

Fussy gardens with too much going on can feel dark and overcrowded.  By painting all your walls or fences the same light shade (particularly white or grey) as your built in furniture (see above tip!) can open up a small space, giving the illusion of a larger garden. 

Crisp clean lines mixed with green foliage in raised beds and planters will provide a enough real gardening whilst giving you the enjoyment of a low maintenance contemporary garden.  Our Artificial Turf range is perfect for the ultimate low maintenance and trendy garden!

Small contemporary garden


Small Garden Idea


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