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Uses for Gravel and Aggregates

Uses for Gravel and Aggregates

Believe or not decorative gravel and aggregates actually have a multitude of uses.


Crime Prevention

Gravel and crime prevention may not seem like a likely pairing but if you choose a 20mm aggregate, gravel, shingle or crushed slate as the topping off layer for your driveway you can actually reduce the risks of burglary on your property. The satisfying crunching sound you get underfoot will actively deter trespassers and burglars who don’t want to get caught skidding around your driveway.

Weed suppression

Weed suppression with gravel is as easy - simply put membrane down over any area to be covered with gravel or aggregate first then the shingle will keep it in place and further prevent the weeds from peeping.  You can also cut your membrane around existing plants and flowers. 


Flood prevention

Flood prevention with gravel and aggregates. Another reason why you should choose a gravel or crushed slate finish for your driveway. If you live in an area of the UK which suffers from periods of flooding then a gravel driveway will work better than a paved one. A gravel driveway allows rainwater to filter through to the earth way below (a fabric membrane will also allow water to soak through). If you have paved or concreted driveway then that rainwater has no where to go and will run off into the road and gutters. In periods of prolonged heavy rain this run off will be adding to the problem of flooding gutters and sewers on roads. 

Many councils have recognised this and so it is highly likely that you will have to obtain planning permission for a paved driveway in the future. Planning permission is a pricey and long process so take the easy option and go for the decorative gravel for driveways!


Pebble dashing for houses

You can use many types of gravel for this but an angular small aggregate works best. You can choose from a Horticultural Grit 2 - 6mm, Multi-Mix chippings or any of our 10mm gravels. Check out the gravel category for anything 10mm or smaller.

 Dandy's Multi Mix Gravel


Gravel paths are still popular across the UK. Not only do they give that lovely crunchy sound underfoot but they are an attractive and inexpensive form of groundcover. Our Welsh Slate 20mm is ideal as it lays quite flat.



Gravel for driveways is also still very popular. As well as the benefits listed above there is such a huge range available that you can have a colour scheme to match or compliment your brickwork and plants creating a beautiful front garden. Choose a 20mm for driveways, such as tour Golden Gravel 20mm (below) as it won’t scatter and it isn’t difficult to walk on.


Self binding gravel

Self binding gravel is also great for use on paths and driveways.  Our Dandy's Hoggin Self Binding Gravel is 10mm down to dust, in a golden brown tone.  The fines make it ideal for areas with a firmer finish when compacted. Perfect for car parks, paths, golf courses, cycle paths, bridleways and larger walkways such as at stately homes and heritage properties.

Borders and pots

Decorative borders and plant pots can all be topped off with any decorative gravel or shingle.  This will suppress weed, look attractive, help protect your plants and flowers and provide a low maintenance garden.  We have a huge range of gravels, slates and pebbles to choose from, to suit any colour scheme!


Improve and increase property values

You may think this sounds rather bizarre but it is actually true. Even the cheapest gravels can tidy up the front and back of a property enough to add thousands onto the value of your property. The front garden and driveway is the first thing a potential buyer or renter will see so an untidy, overgrown mess will put them off instantly. Throw down some Grey Limestone or Welsh Brown Gravel onto your driveway and it will instantly look tidier and neater. The same can be said of paths and borders and grassed area. Particularly if you want to rent out a property or sell one that has been struggling on the market.

Take up the overgrown grass and clear the plants and weeds from the edges - level it all off, lay down some membrane and a topping of cheap gravel and not only will you no longer have to worry about maintaining the garden but you will add value simply by making it instantly more appealing and easy on the eye.

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Chicken run flooring

A rounded gravel such as our Horticultural Grit 2 - 6mm and 10mm Staffordshire Pink Gravel can be used as your poultry run flooring. Don't use anti-weed membrane underneath though as droppings will be washed through to the bottom by the rain or trampled in which can become quite smelly!  To clean simply pop your hose over the top of the gravel.

Dandy's Staffordshire Pink 10mm

Create a seating area

Transform your garden into an outside eating or entertaining space with additional seating.  You can create a beautiful area quickly and easily with any of our 10mm or 20mm decorative gravels and crushed slates - there's a colour for every taste and budget!

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