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Which Topsoil Do I Need...?

Which Topsoil Do I Need...?

Topsoil Guide - from Dandy's - the Soil Experts!

Not sure exactly which topsoil and/or compost blend to go for? Read on...

Lawnmix® Topsoil

If you’re starting from nothing and making a new lawn, then you’ll be wanting our Lawnmix® Topsoil for turfing or seeding a new lawn.

This screened, sandy loam is just the job for putting underneath turf or for sowing with grass seed, helping you to create the perfect garden lawn, golf course, paddock, or sports pitch.

Dandy's Lawnmix Topsoil

Dandy's Lawnmix® is screened to 14mm as standard so it is easy to dig in, it will spread evenly and you’ll easily get the perfect level lawn.

Certified to a BS 3882.

Lawn in a bag®

Do you want a new lawn but don’t want to have to lay turf or sow grass seed?

Check out exclusive to Dandy’s Lawn in a Bag® topsoil.

Dandy's Lawn in a Bag

A blend of Dandy's hardwearing and decorative Grass Seed and our Lawnmix® Topsoil results in a bulk bag of 'ready to go lawn'. Just spread it evenly over your desired lawn space at a depth of 2 to 3 inches and after about six weeks of watering you’ll have a lush, green lawn.  It's also great for lawns that have large areas of bare soil and patches in the lawn - simple rake over and water!

There’s a lot of seed in here to ensure that you get an even spread; Lawn in a Bag® is brill for small spaces and for those of you who want to cut the hassle out of getting some grass in your garden.

Certified to a BS 3882.

Bordermix® Topsoil

Our Bordermix is topsoil and compost blend especially for your borders, beds or pots and baskets. Basically, if you want to grow plants, shrubs, flowers, hedgerows then give our Bordermix® a whirl.

A secret blend of organic manures, composts and soils screened to 14mm makes our Bordermix® a free draining soil which contains exactly the right balance of nutrients and minerals for almost every type of plant or flower. It’s also very good for growing your own organic fruits and veggies… just don’t tell our VegeGrow®!

Certified to a BS 3882 and PAS100.

VegeGrow® Topsoil

Wanting to grow your own tasty organic vegetables and fruit? Check out our awesome Vegegrow® Topsoil. Our soil boffins came up with this one just over 8 years ago, and it’s overtaken our Lawnmix® and Bordermix® blends to become the best-selling topsoil we’ve ever supplied!

Vegegrow is tailor made for those of you wanting to hop on the grow your own train and is chocked full of lovely multi-purpose organic compost resulting in a friable soil that your fruits and veggies will love.

Vegegrow® has been tested and perfected by allotment users and veg plotters up and down the country; including our very own James Dandy who reports the best lettuces, biggest parsnips (real photo below) and brightest carrots in Cheshire!

Dandy's VegeGrow Top soil - Parsnip

Certified to a BS 3882 and PAS100.

Unscreened Stony Soil

This is our Unscreened Stony Soil for filling in holes and raising levels. It’s not been screened or cleaned so it will contain stones/rocks, clods, and sods as it is "as dug". It might also contain some elements of debris – although all our soils are sourced from Greenfield sites we can’t account for litterbugs or Romans leaving bits of pottery lying around so we really can’t guarantee the quality of this one. We just dig it, bag it, and send it so you shouldn’t buy this if you want a quality soil or a topsoil.

We recommend our Unscreened In-fill soil for jobs where price is more important than quality and for filling in holes or for raising the levels of lawns or beds before you put down a nice thick layer of Lawnmix®, Bordermix® or Vegegrow®!

Multi-Purpose Topsoil

Our Multi-Purpose Topsoil is perfect blend of screened, spot tested topsoil blended with just the right amount of organic compost to create a multi-use topsoil that's fit for just about any job - at our best ever price too! If you're building a new lawn and you want to top up your beds and borders, then this mix is for you. Take out the tedious job of getting the right ratio or soil to compost and remove the backache of blending topsoil and compost yourself by buying this ready-mix topsoil and compost blend from Dandy's.

We've tested this one as soil for allotments, soil for underneath turf, topsoil for growing grass seed, topsoil for growing vegetables; we've even had a sunflower growing competition in it and we're pleased to report that everything is thriving!

If you're still unsure as to what topsoil you need or if you want a topsoil that will do more than one job in your garden, then go for this one.

Certified to a BS 3882 and PAS100.

TreeMix Soil

Dandy's TreeMix Soil is a brand new mix of topsoil - specifically designed for planting trees. A beautiful blend of 12mm screened loam with coarse sand, composted bark fines and 1 - 6mm horticultural grit.  This blend is perfect for encouraging tree growth and ground drainage, meaning little effect and low maintenance.


Urban Tree Planting Soil

Similar mix to our TreeMix Soil our Dandy's Urban Tree Planting Soil is specifically designed for planting trees in built up areas.

12mm screened loam is mixed with coarse grit sand, 1 - 6mm horticultural grit and black organic compost for added nutrients.  This special blend increases ground drainage and encourages tree growth.

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