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Make a Hedgehog wildlife corner...

Make a Hedgehog wildlife corner with Dandy's

Our gardens are vital habitats for hedgehogs and during cold weather their food sources die out. 

Make a wildlife corner and take care of our spiky friends... and they're soon repay you by eating the pests that damage plants and flowers - including snails, slugs and caterpillars!


To make a wildlife corner all you need is a quiet spot that is well sheltered and won't be disturbed.  A simple pile of sticks, leaves and twigs can create a cosy hedgehog home.  Our Landscaping Bark is perfect as the large pieces will protect them from the elements whilst also attracting small bugs for them to munch on!  Warmer winters mean that hedgehogs can wake up from hibernation so a small bowl of water and meat based dog or cat food will keep them going through to spring.


Hedgehog house



Don't forget to check your bonfire before lighting as nosy hoggies will soon take up residence! 

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