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Kitchen Gardener - Blackberry Mojito

Kitchen Gardener - Blackberry Mojito

Got a glut of juicy blackberries? Got a mint plant (probably taking over your entire garden if you didn’t plant it in the pot!). Why not have a bash at our easy peasy Blackberry Mojito recipe? To make it kid or tea total-ler friendly just leave out the rum!



50ml white rum

50ml soda water

Juice of half a lime

Small handful mint leaves

5 ripe blackberries

1 tablespoon sugar

Glass of crushed ice


First up you need to ‘muddle’ the lime juice, mint, blackberries and sugar in a cocktail shaker, until you’ve got a squishy mess and the sugar has dissolved, add in the rum and ice and give it a good ol’ shake. Pour it into your glass (ice an’ all), top off with your soda water and garnish Instagram worthily with blackberries and mint leaves!

If you’ve not got a muddler and cocktail shaker handy (who has?!) then you can do the unthinkable and give it a quick pulse in your blender, or even just squish your berries, sugar and lime together with a fork on a chopping board or a plate (it will stain) then pop it in a glass with your rum and ice, give it a good stir and top it off with the soda water! Throw in a blackberry or two and a couple of mint leaves and you’re good to go! (Apologies to all cocktail aficionados out there!).

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