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Kitchen Gardener - Easy Peasy Strawberry Jam

Kitchen Gardener - Easy Peasy Strawberry Jam

Our easy peasy strawberry jam is a fab way to use up any strawberries if you have managed to grow an abundance - or any knocking around in the fridge that are looking a bit past their prime!

You'll be needing...

Strawberries - about 1kg is ideal but just adjust the sugar and lemon juice depending on how many strawberries you've got

Sugar - about 100g

Lemon juice - couple of tablespoons should do it

Roughly chop your strawbs then chuck everything into a pan and keep stirring until everything starts to look jammy - about 8 minutes - it will be quite loose until it's cooled off so a good way to test is to plop a teaspoon onto a chilled plate and give it a swirl - if it starts to thicken and set then you're good to go.

Refrigerate it clean jars - as this isn't traditional 'jam' it won't last as long but you should get a week to ten days out of it!

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