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30 tonnes of Bordermix® Topsoil Donated to Queens School

30 tonnes of Bordermix® Topsoil Donated to Queens School

Dandy's donate 30 tonnes of Bordermix® Topsoil to Queen's Lower School, Chester for their new outdoor educational space and kitchen garden.


Queen's School & RHS Tatton Park Show Garden

An RHS Tatton Park Show Garden will be transferred to the Queen’s Lower School, Chester, over the school summer holiday.  The show garden at the RHS Tatton Park 2021 show was designed by Anca Panait and built by Landstruction.  The transfer will enable the survival of the Show Garden as so many plants and trees are destroyed after these events. The RHS have been involved in the negotiations regarding the transfer and are delighted that this garden will be transferred to The Queen's School. In addition to this, the school will also include a Kitchen Garden where the girls will be able to continue the good work that has been started in this respect by having a purposeful area for planting and growing.   

The school plan to turn what is a derelict, under utilised space into an area which the girls will be able to use as an outdoor educational space, as well as a refuge for mental well-being. The ultimate aim is to make the Queen’s Lower School site an environment which not only encourages wildlife, but also supports biodiversity. 


RHS "Flower Power" Garden

"Taking inspiration from Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours, a taxonomic guide book to the colours of the natural world, first published in 1814, the garden is a celebration of colour and the moods and emotions it provokes.

Divided into four areas, each with its own colour theme, visitors are invited to acknowledge their responses to the colours of the planting. Beginning with intense red tones, often associated with energy and passion, the planting progresses through different colours and their tonal values and ends with calming white and green plants in an area devoted to forest bathing. Fragrance is significant in this garden too, since it can influence mood and emotions.

Rendered walls accentuate each area and a linear water feature provides a key visual transition from the highly colourful spaces to the forest bathing area.

As part of an immersive experience, visitors are invited to walk through a system of irregular paths that deliberately slow the journey and allow them to admire the different coloured planting combinations

Designed by Anca Panait. Built by Landstruction."


Dandy's have donated the 30 tonnes of topsoil that will be used in the groundwork preparation for the transfer of the flowers, shrubs and trees.


Iona, Head of Lower School at Queen's stated:

‘It has been an absolute pleasure working with Dandy’s! From project consultation to delivery, their expertise, care and service has been efficient, reliable and above all professional. With 30 tonnes of high quality Bordermix Topsoil delivered, we know our new school garden is going to have the best possible start and flourish as a result. Thank you to all the team at Dandy’s from the Queen’s School! Very exciting and we have planted the first tree today so there is much to celebrate!’

We can't wait to see the finished garden and how the topsoil has helped to create the new educational space!

Creditors: RHS Flower Show

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