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Chester SuperTrees are growing!

Chester SuperTrees are growing!

This week work has commenced at Chester’s new SuperTrees Roundabout, Hoole, Chester...

Artist's impression of how the end result will look like:

Chester SuperTrees

Watch the video of first installation here...


Adam Dandy, owner of Dandy's Landscape Supplies Centre stated:  We are proud to have donated £1,500 worth of Landscape Supplies to this important project, which will undoubtedly and significantly enhance this area of our stunning city of Chester.  This donation included 20 tonnes of a special unique blend called 'Enviromix' - especially created just for the SuperTrees roundabout eco system.

 Supertree Grove

The famous Singapore 'Supertree Grove' is the inspiration for the new roundabout in Chester.

'Chester's SuperTrees' aim is to bring biodiversity back to nature-less city centres, while facilitating more education about the local environment.

Chester SuperTrees tweeted:

"Massive appreciation to Dandy's Topsoil for their generous contribution to the project. Not only from a financial side but also taking the time and effort to make sure we have the relatively unique but essential soil mix for our plans. Thank you!"

Our amazing new 'Enviromix' blend is just one of many different types of topsoil and compost we stock at Dandy's and we hope to release this for public purchase soon!



You can follow them on twitter at @ChesterSTrees and check out our Dandy tweets at @DandysTopsoil

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