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Dandy's Donate £500 to new Sealand Community Hub

Dandy's Donate £500 to new Sealand Community Hub

Dandy's donate £500 worth of landscaping and gardening products to new Community Hub, located at St Bartholomew's Church of Sealand, Chester.  

The donation was made after Church Warden Jennifer Watson reached out to owner of Dandy's, Adam Dandy, explaining how they were in need of help to create a community garden project on site at the Church.

Jennifer stated:

"We are so grateful to Dandy's for the support in kind which has helped to kick start Sealand's community garden project. 

St Bart's is the only public building in Sealand. The church has been reordered to enable it to be used as a community centre and groups have already started to hire it.

The grounds around the church are now the focus of a community garden project involving a woodland area and family picnic space, a wildflower meadow and a formal area and seating creating a mindfulness space. 

Stage one - creating a wildflower meadow  - begun last year when local Sealand residents helped to clear the grounds along the front wall of the church yard. An area was then sown with grass and wildflower seed provided by Dandy's. 

The second stage has been the creation of a woodland area and picnic space sponsored by Dandy's.

Dandy's Delivery to St Bart's

Tree surgery was carried out and having cleared the undergrowth and ivy, a pathway around the building was begun and Dandy's delivered two bags of hard wood chippings for the picnic area."

St Bart's Make-over

These Hardwood Path Chips are perfect for outdoor areas with heavy footfall, such as the new picnic area.  It will stay fresh and neat for years to come, only needing top ups every 18 months or so.  Hardwood Path Chips are great for paths and walkways or for tidying up borders and the like; also a great choice as a base for a chicken run.

We can't wait to see the final garden and pay a visit once it's complete!  Ms Watson is going to keep us up to date with new images of the progress. 


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