We have a brand new Potting Compost in stock at Dandy's, Chester.

Dandy's Potting Compost

Ready for Spring, our Potting Compost is a dark, lightweight, friable compost that is full of nutrients - the perfect compost for supporting plants in pots. It smells amazing and earthy too!  This lovely compost derives from green cuttings and very well rotted down bark fines, making it the perfect pH and consistency for growing plants and flowers.

Dandy's Potting Compost


  • new and established potted plants
  • seed trays
  • tubs and planters
  • as a mulch for your borders
  • improving poor/low nutrient soils

Available in Handy 50ltr Bags, Bulk Bags and tipped loose!🌷🌻 Order online or call us 01244 280008 - "Get Your Garden Delivered"...