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Dandy's Topsoil - A History Lesson

Dandy's Topsoil - A History Lesson

In the early 1800s, James Dandy, an avid gardener, realised how rich and fertile the soil around the historic city of Chester was and, after settling his roots in the city, he began working the rich topsoil in fields around his home to allow him to produce the finest fruits and vegetables in the county.

With a bumper crop of produce at the ready, James opened the first fruit and veg stall on Old Chester Market and began selling to the public. Word spread and soon James was supplying his high quality, organic produce to all of the top hotels, eateries and caterers in the area.

Dandy's Topsoil - Fruit and Veg Market Stall

Today, the Dandy name is synonymous with quality topsoil and compost blends and leading the charge is James's great, great grandson, Adam, along with wife Clare and a dedicated team of 'like family' workers committed to ensuring that Dandy's continue to be leaders in the market with their exclusive blends of growing medium.

The business is still rooted in Chester and raw source material is still sourced from the local and surrounding green fields of Cheshire and North Wales. With almost 200 years of experience in the field, Dandy's is one of Britain's leading topsoil producers and are repeatedly recognised as being innovators in the field.

Dandy's Topsoil was the first firm in the topsoil business to begin selling online on a local and nationwide basis, allowing growers all over the country to reap the rewards of growing organic, home produce in superior blended, fertile soils.

The company continues to push the boundaries by introducing new topsoil and compost blends each year which, though mimicked, can never be beaten.

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