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Five Tonnes of Rock Salt Donated to the Vulnerable

Five Tonnes of Rock Salt Donated to the Vulnerable

Yes that's correct. Despite pledging a pallet of 40 bags of Rock Salt during last weeks cold snap, we actually QUINTUPLED it and gave away a whopping 200 of our 25kg bags of Rock Salt to the elderly, disabled and infirm in Cheshire and North Wales.

Last weekend when the snow hit, our big hearted MD, Adam Dandy, founder of local charity SHARE, hit the Twitter and Facebook feeds to let everyone know that the elderly and disabled, who would almost certainly be struggling to get safely out and about, could send in their friends, family and neighbours to pick up a bag of Rock Salt to grit their paths, steps and driveways, absolutely free!

Adam called in to Dandy's HQ on Sealand Road and had our (already working flat out to keep up with the flux of overnight road grit orders) production team crack on with getting a full pallet of de-icing salt stacked ready to give away.

We soon went through that pallet of forty bags and so we added on a second to make sure that those most in need had access to a free bag; a few hours later and that had gone to. Adam gave us a bell in the office and said to quadruple the free stock to four pallets.

Wednesday evening we gave away our final bag of free Rock Salt - FIVE pallets, so 200 bags were given away in total. Our Sales Director, Simon Hughes said,

"Everyone at Dandy's is extremely glad to work for Adam. He is such a generous guy and the whole team at Dandy's are proud to be part of a small, local business that gives so much support to the community. 200 bags were given away in total and we are thrilled that we were able to help so many people out when it was needed the most."


Although we're now all out of free bags, if you need Rock Salt ahead of the freezing temperatures predicted again this weekend, you can buy 25kg handy bags of Rock Salt at Dandy's for just £4.99 per bag or three bags for £12.00.

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