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Say hello to our Eco Range of Packaging...

Say hello to our Eco Range of Packaging...
We're reducing our plastic and non-recyclable waste here at Dandy's and have introduced these amazing small bags into our range!
They will be used to pack 500g bags of Compost and Potting Soil (mainly for your house plants), Grass Seed, Wild Flower Seeds, all of our samples, 1kg 'Pot Tops' gravel and slate
These nifty little bags are Compostable (remove the tin tie first) and are made from natural products including PLA (vegetable starch) instead of traditional plastics... making them biodegradable.
All our new Eco Range bags are stamped with our logo using a wooden stamper made from sustainable forests - and for every stamp sold a new tree is planted!
Other ways we have reduced our plastic and non-recyclable waste or helped the environment by reducing our carbon footprint:
  • We have stopped providing disposable coffee cups and lids; staff, landscapers and customers now bring their own reusable travel mugs.
  • Our milk is supplied in traditional reusable/recycled glass milk bottles instead of plastic single use containers.
  • Soon we will be running a whole range of products in sustainable, biodegradable hessian sacks instead of plastic co-ex bags and polypropylene bulk bags.
  • Our company cars are 100% electric.
  • Local deliveries are made by our new Euro 6 wagon which has reduced emissions.
  • These deliveries are also routed in a multi-drop run, meaning less miles between each location and the driver does not need to return to the yard after each delivery.
  • We email our invoices instead of printing and posting them.
  • Our bark products are FSC sourced and approved.

Our Hessian Bags.

'Hessie', our Hessian Duck for Chester duck race.

One of Dandy's fully electric cars and Euro 6 wagon at the Chester Head Office.


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